Fundraising & Workshop Ideas

Here is a list of some ideas for fundraising opportunities provided by RIJ interns and fellow Student Ambassadors that you can execute at school bazaars, festivals, and concerts.  We are looking for more ideas and suggestions!

*Mark your calendars: World Refugee Day is June 20*


    • Sell crafted gift items and greetings cards provided by RIJ (contact RIJ for supplies).
    • Set up booths to promote RIJ, hand out information and appeal for donations.
    • Organize a bake sale in which the profits go to RIJ.
    • Do a sponsored run/swim or give up something like sweets and raise money for RIJ.
    • Prepare donation boxes by the door at school concerts and events so attendees can make donations on their way out.


Educational Workshop:

  • Ask your principal to spare a few minutes during assembly to talk about the global refugee situation, RIJ, and the Student Ambassador Program.
  • Ask your social studies teacher/professor to spare some time during class.
  • Set up a club or circle raising awareness of refugee issues and organize educational workshops.

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