RIJ Students

Students for a Global Education

RIJ Students is a student support group based at Waseda University established in January 2011 as a part of Refugees International Japan, which provides elementary through high school students in Japan exposure to global issues through educating about refugees. We offer in-class or after-school workshops and online learning tools to truly engage students in interactive learning formats and trigger students’ interest in the world beyond Japan’s borders. RIJ Students is indeed a unique response to the growing demand in Japanese society for a global and multilingual education.

Our organization consists of students and recent-graduates from Japan, Asia, Europe and Africa. We are collectively involved in researching  and compiling quantitative and qualitative information about refugees and refugee movements through organizational and academic resources and making them available to the public through our website and workshops. Given the variety of resources and perspectives on refugee issues, our ultimate goal is to accumulate information from multiple sources and present them in a student-digestible manner.

While the topic of refugees is serious, a fun and intriguing learning experience is conducive to learning. Although we are not certified teachers, our perceptual proximity to younger students and ability to reflect on our most recent learning experiences enables us to incorporate the most appropriate teaching tactics, including IT, appropriate for the modern day student in the classroom. This is one of our key strengths.

When we accomplish our goal of educating students about refugees, our secondary objective is to inspire students that they themselves are capable of making an impact to help improve the situation on refugees (or any social issue broadly speaking). We will guide students in organizing community activities or offer volunteer opportunities through our organization so they can ultimately become change-makers. As we inspire students to make an impact in society, our ability to relate to students also implies that we will identify students’ needs in this stage and provide mentoring support.

In all stages, however, our collaboration with schools, teachers and community members are integral for catering to each host group and students’ needs. As our organization continues to grow, we hope to tap in to existing RIJ school relations, expand our school network, and keep our ears open to what students, parents, teachers and you have to say.

To summarize, our vision and mission (steps to accomplish our vision)  are as follows:

Our Mission
To realize our vision, we are committed to:

  • Raising awareness of the presence of refugees;
  • Raising awareness of the possibility for us (students) to make an impact of the lives of refugees;
  • Making an impact on the lives of refugees.

Our Vision
We envision a society that is actively involved in assisting displaced people in securing their basic human rights.

One day, all refugees will have a safe home to return to.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any comments or suggestions: students@refugeesinternationaljapan.org

We value your opinions and support.

RIJ Students は2011年にRIJ、日本国際難民団体の一部として設立され、主に早稲田大学で活動しています。RIJは日本の小学生から高校生を対象に、難民について伝えることで国際問題を身近なものとして捉えてもらうという取り組みをしています。私たちRIJのメンバーは、授業や放課後の時間を借りてワークショップを開いています。また、まさに双方向からの学習が可能であり、国境を越えた興味を持ってもらえるような教材もウェブ上で使うことができます。RIJ studentsは独自の方法で、日本の社会から必要とされている世界的で多様な教育を提供しています。



















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