Part One: The Fast

Millions of refugees around the world are resilient in the face of food insecurity and hunger. Here at RIJ, we are inspired by their endurance, and we’re glad you are too. By participating in our 24 hour fast, you will have the opportunity to experience first-hand how hard it can be to do daily activities on an empty stomach while supporting refugees by both fundraising and raising awareness for their impeccable strength.

Five easy steps to supporting refugees’ resilience in the face of hunger: 
  1. Make a Fundraising Challenge on Japan Giving here.  Download RIJ’s Participation Guide for detailed instructions on how to create a Fundraising Challenge. If you would rather collect sponsorships in person, email
  2. Subscribe to the Refugee Experience Email List HERE to make sure you don’t miss out on safety tips, fundraising advice, and weekly inspiration.
  3. Tell your friends and family about your experience and ask for them to sponsor you. Consult our Sponsorship Guide, where you can find an email template for asking friends and family for donations, a social media guide to ask for sponsorships on social media, and flyers to share your experience.
  4. On October 13th, start your fast at 6 PM! Document experiences using #RIJ24hourfast on social media.
  5. On October 14th, break your fast over a few bowls of cereal with RIJ and DJ Guy Perryman at La Tour Daikanyama provided by Alishan Organic Center.


Feel free to email with any questions about this experience!