RIJ’s Refugee Experience

For the first time ever, RIJ will be hosting a three-part refugee experience as an opportunity for our supporters to emphasize with the plight of refugees. 

Many of us are privileged enough to have never faced the horrors that too many refugees face daily. We complain about our own daily struggles with little consideration for how trivial our daily inconveniences may be.

“I’m starving! I forgot breakfast this morning.” “Ugh, that shop is such a far walk from the train station.”

By participating in the Refugee Experience, however, you will have the ability to understand how difficult it is to work on a truly empty stomach, or how frustrating it can be to support your family without the necessary equipment. Along the way, you will also be able to use social media and fundraising platforms to raise awareness and have friends and family support RIJ’s projects to empower refugees. Most importantly, you can begin to comprehend how uniquely resilient and courageous refugees must be.

Join us for one of our Refugee Experience events (or maybe all three!)

Part 1: The Fast

Part 2: The Walk

Part 3: The Game