Refugees International Japan is an independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated to raising funds to assist refugees who have lost everything as a result of war and conflict. Operating out of Tokyo, we are staffed by volunteers from the Japanese and international communities. Refugees International Japan channels project funds through experienced organizations already working with refugees out in the field, ensuring that assistance goes quickly and directly to where it is most needed.


Our approach to selecting projects is based on three fundamental, yet interlinked tenets: feed, shelter, and educate. In situations of war and conflict, refugees lose everything. Their road back home is a long path from initial survival to rebuilding and preparation for final repatriation. Funding programs that provide food, clean water, shelter and sanitation represents the difference between life and death. Funding programs that provide education, skills and training empowers refugees to rebuild their own shattered communities.


Refugees International Japan funds projects for emergency situations, provides assistance to meet basic survival needs, supports pilot schemes and distributes grants for training and education. We work only with organizations who have experience and credibility in the field and assess all grant applications against strict funding criteria. Recipients of funds must provide references, audited accounts and written reports. Refugees International Japan will undertake field visits to assess a situation at first hand.


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