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Nice to meet you all. Thank you for visiting the RIJ blog.

As you have already met other members of the team, you can see RIJ is an unusual organisation made up of international members, as well as Japanese who have none or little experience of living abroad.

Do you wonder why an ordinary Japanese person decided to work with RIJ?

The story goes back a bit to the age of 17 when I was busy studying for exams. I was a high school student who loved to study. That said, I was just happy increasing my knowledge rather than becoming a researcher. I enjoyed the fact that the dots of my knowledge began to join up. I worked diligently reading reference books and solving problems every day. At that time the cram school I attended happened to be near an international centre in Nagoya, and I learned about international cooperation. I clearly remember how grateful I was to attend school and study and I was thankful for the environment into which I was born.

After I graduated from university and got a job in the corporate sector, I thought about my situation all the time. I wondered if I would regret leaving the corporate world and realised that I wouldn’t. So, I knocked on the door of RIJ, hoping to do something beneficial. 

I believe that education will help make an impact.

While our individual contributions may seem small, it can prove to make a lasting impact on those in need of support.