My Experience at Refugees International Japan

By Jeetesh Maharjan

It has been a very amazing experience at Refugees International Japan. Last day at RIJ, I look back to the first day of my internship when I was without any experience and it was a daunting moment. Looking back, I believe that these past two months have been crucial for my personal development. I have learned many things throughout this internship and this experience was very rewarding.

One of the important things I learned was about refugees. I am more informed now about different aspects of refugees and refugee crisis from political to socio-economic aspects. This internship experience has provided me with an opportunity to support many of these refugees around the world. One of the profound impression I had after I joined RIJ was that the change is possible regardless of how big or small our efforts are. Refugees International Japan is relatively small however the impact it had and has in the world for refugees in tremendous. RIJ is supporting many refugees in various parts of the world with diverse range of projects that touches refugees from small children to the elderly people.

Over the course of my internship, working on the articles was a profound experience for myself. Researching and putting together information on something very important issue was a very challenging and interesting task. In the end, this work made me realize that writing articles is fun and I want to continue doing it. I feel more confident about writing articles, and pursuing more writing assignments related to various issues is one of things that I decided during and after internship. Similar was the experience with graphics; working on graphics and marketing materials was also very informative and interesting. Both activities introduced to me some different creative work areas and I want to build myself within these areas for potential future commitments.

One of the things I regretted during my internship was not being able to work on RIJ events. The Summer period is relatively quiet in terms of events so, it was unfortunate for myself not be able to experience or get involved in any events. I think this was one of the important activities for anyone interning in RIJ. Nevertheless, the whole experience was very rewarding and I plan on getting involved in RIJ events even after I complete my internship.

I am grateful to Jane, Naomi and Miranda with whom I worked throughout my internship. Jane is an amazing person and she gave me this opportunity to work at RIJ. She helped me understand various aspects of refugee issues and their lives, and at the same time she also guided me with my articles and other materials that I produced. There were many different ideas that I was informed about after coming to RIJ. Discussions with Miranda and Naomi were very fun and informative. Overall, the time I spent in RIJ was productive and informative.

The whole experience was rewarding and I am glad that I took this internship at RIJimage.jpg.









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