World Refugee Day 2016 – Ana’s Story


AnaMy name is Ana Castro. Before 2001, I was living with my husband and our four children near the village of Ataco in Colombia. On 17th February 2001 some armed guerrillas wearing army uniforms came and told us that because we had not attended the meetings they called we had three days to leave. If we didn’t do so they told us they would not be responsible for our lives. We left immediately and in a very bad state, with no money and almost no possessions and very scared because other neighbors had been assassinated by the same armed group. We had no food nor income to purchase it, no toilets, no water nearby to wash ourselves and our clothes. We lacked just about everything.”

In 2010, RIJ supported a USD$25,000 project to provide human rights education and training to displaced families in Colombia’s western Ibague state, in order to enable them to apply for vital services from the government. Ultimately, this project empowered 330 families to successfully claim life-changing services such as improved sanitation and education for their children, with many of these services improving the quality-of-life for the whole community.

“Eventually the Government gave us a housing allowance for each displaced family and we built our own basic unit ourselves. It was at this point I attended training workshops on human rights, legal mechanisms, and how we displaced people could work together as a united and functioning community recognized by authorities.

Despite being displaced and very poor, we began to be aware of our own worth, of our dignity as human beings, to feel we should be valued. I progressed and learnt so much and changed in such a positive way that I was elected president of the association for older women in my area, which is a great honor. I feel proud of what I am doing as a member of the displaced community and the president of the association. I feel hopeful about our future, at last.

June 20th is World Refugee Day. In 2016, with more people forced to flee their homes, countries and lives than ever before, RIJ is stepping in to provide vital support. 

But we need your assistance to do this. With just USD$25,000, RIJ empowered hundreds of Colombian refugees to claim their fundamental human rights and needs. 

Your support does make a difference. To make a donation, click here.






そして最終的にこのプロジェクトは330もの家族に波及し、彼らは公衆衛生状況や子どもたちへの教育環境などを一変させる公共サービスを手に入れました。 こうした公共サービスの多くはコミュニティ全体の生活水準を上げるのにも貢献しています。



6月20日は世界難民の日です。2016年にはますます多くの紛争が世界中に蔓延し、かつてないほどの数の人々が故郷を追われ、自分の国やなじんだ暮らしを捨てることを余儀なくされています。 この止まらない世界的危機に抵抗するため、国際難民支援会は毎年、何千という難民が生活を再建する手助けをしています。

しかし、私たちは未だ皆さんの支援を必要としています。25000ドルで国際難民支援会は、何百というコロンビアの難民が基本的人権と最低限の暮らしを要求するのを後押しただけでなく、多くの国内避難民にとって失われたままの尊厳と自己肯定感を取り戻すのを手助けしました。 この家族たちは今では、必要な知識を手に入れまたより高度な公共サービスをうけることができています。

あなたの支援が変化をもたらします。 寄付をしてくれる皆さんは、ここをクリック



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