A Global Leadership Café at the Karenni Social Development Center

Photo KnSDC

On 20 February, RIJ is embarking on a journey to the Thai-Burma border with a number of coaches, facilitators and social activists from the Global Leadership Community (GLC). The GLC group is a community dedicated to exploring leadership and collaboration methods to help create and nurture forward thinking leaders to think together and solve some of the world’s most pressing issues. As a leader in thinking outside the box and nurturing leadership capabilities within the Japanese community, GLC hopes to expand their reach by conducting a Global Leadership Café (workshop) at the Karenni Social Development Centre (KnSDC).  KnSDC is a small community-based organization dedicated to protecting the environment and promoting the human rights of the Karenni people. KnSDC aims to build a new society based upon the rule of law by training young advocates in non-violent social change.

As a long sponsor and support of KnSDC’s mission, we have witnessed the positive influence the Centre has had on both the trainees and the broader community along the Thai-Burma border. We, with the help of GLC’s expertise, want this legacy to continue by holding a workshop to help KnSDC create a long-term vision. GLC will train KnSDC on how to appreciate their inner resources and clearly articulate how other communities around the world can empower the KnSDC’s transformative work. Participants will include the KnSDC leadership team, staff, faculty, students, alumni and volunteers. The workshop will also incorporate other Karenni community leaders, providing diverse perspectives on the shared challenges and opportunities ahead. By involving a number of different voices within and outside the community, we believe that the legacy and reach of the learning workshop will be strengthened.

Whilst the GLC team and RIJ hope that the workshop will help contribute to KnSDC’s success, it will also be an opportunity for us to learn from their community. The KnSDC embodies leadership and innovation. Despite great adversity and limited resources, they have created a strong and growing movement towards a more sustainable and positive future. Indeed, the GLC team and RIJ hope to apply what we learn from KnSDC to our leadership development work in Japan. Thus we see the workshop as a way that both communities (Japanese and Karenni) can learn from each other and evolve in 2015 and beyond.

Find out more about the Karenni Social Development Center at their website here.

Find out more about the Global Leadership Community at their website here.

To find out more about the KnSDC Global Leadership Café, contact David Nevin (david.nevin@glpa-gr



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