A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be allowed to visit the British School in Tokyo’s Advanced Computer Club, where I met with 6 future computer scientists. The children attending this computer club are learning to use the tools of the web to create presentations where everything is possible: pictures, sounds, texts, and animations.


While I was there, I was talking about what RIJ actually does and what some of the people we have supported have shared with us. I presented Imelda, a woman living in Uganda in Africa, who received mosquito nets and could protect her two young boys from malaria – a disease that is spread by mosquitoes. I also talked about the students living in camps on the Thai/Burma-border who can attend school even though they live far away from home. We also talked about how alike all people are, that we really want the same thing: a peaceful home, and maybe a bike for our next birthday.

The children are now working on these topics in their presentations at the computer club. They are learning how to share these stories, and in the end we may end up with a RIJ app where everyone can learn about the inspiring people we meet through our work