Wheels and Deals 2014

On the 6th of June, RIJ Students participated in Wheels and Deals 2014; this F1 and Casino night was held at the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo with amazing guests and sponsors invited. As volunteers, the students helped the live/silent auction.  

photo 2

This is my first time to participate in the official RIJ event as a RIJ students volunteer. Having joined RIJ students since last fall, this night of thrills and excitement brought me learning experience to another level. As a member of RIJ students, refugees and humanitarian issues have always been ones that attract my attention but meeting and having conversations with those– who actually make donations and help in a more tangible way –in person was invaluable lesson for me. No doubt that we all must have felt the same thing.

photo 1
Some of us greeted the guests and the others helped out the live/silent auction. Especially while helping out the silent auction, it was very fun that those interested in winning the auction, while writing down the number, tried to read another’s face–which I think actually helped activating the whole auction process.

This event of both entertainment and charity was successful and we, volunteers, the guests, and the sponsors were all able to get ourselves into the spirit of RIJ. Though we all have different backgrounds, at least during this evening, we shared the same values: solving conflicts around the world.  Thank you to the guests, to all who donated, RIJ, and to the student volunteers; Sara, Mihana, Rachel, Hubens, and Jason.




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