Saying farewell to Erina for the time being

On the 22nd of January, RIJ Students had a lovely farewell night with Erina, our one of student volunteers as well as our blogger. 

Hi all, this is Soyoung, a new member to RIJ students since last fall and I will be a new blogger for the RIJ students after Erina. As my very first post, I would like to talk about our farewell night last week with our senior volunteer student Erina and many thanks to her great commitment to the RIJ students and her volunteerism.

Farewell night with Erina at the best Burmese restaurant
Farewell night with Erina at the best Burmese restaurant

Erina has joined RIJ students since last 2012 and as a volunteer and a blogger as well, she has worked hard in order to make a progress for the various refugee issues in Japan. She said, “I am confident that volunteering is what I love and want to continue for the rest of my life.” (how awesome!). For the year and a half, we, RIJ students got inspired a lot by all the dedication and enthusiasm that Erina has continuously shown and hope Erina got something of value from  the RIJ activities. Though she is graduating this coming March, I believe she will continue working for making a positive impact on the lives of refugees in the different sector as a full-fledged member of society.

Erina, best wishes to your bright future and you are always welcomed to visit us RIJ students! xx

みなさん~こんにちは、えりなを受け継いでブログを担当するようになったソヨンです。今度の学期を最後にRIJ studentsを離れるえりなと共にいつも行ってたミャンマーレストラン でfarewell nightを持ちました。今までRIJ studentを向けてボランティアとして、またブロガーとして多くの努力をしてくれたえりなちゃん、本当にありがとうございました。卒業後にも難民の生活の向上のために地道に努力する姿を期待します!

えりなちゃん!頑張ってくださいね :)

Edited by Soyoung



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