Executive Fight Night lll

On the 8th of November, RIJ Students participated in Executive Fight Night lll; a cutting-edge charity event where Tokyo Executives train for 12 weeks to fight each other in front of a screaming, blood thirsty crowd.  As volunteers, the students helped sell raffle tickets and assisted in the live/silent auction.  

From top left in clockwise: Erika, Satomi, Rachel, Demi
From Left to right: Cindy, Erika, Hannah, Sara, Erina and Irene

This is my second Executive Fight Night.  I participate again as a student vounteer, but this time as a student with 6 months official work experience behind my back (My academic duties as a fourth year student are very little!).

Now that I have seen a glimpse of the nitty gritty political side of the office work world, I could sense the excitement of the guests when they saw their co-worker, boss, someone they have only known strictly in a professional environment, as a fighter for one night.  Understanding now the importance of company pride, I have even more respect for the fighters who, carrying honor of their company, fought fearlessly another Tokyo executive, possible of a rival company.

A brilliant combination of entertainment and charity, the third official Executive Fight Night was again, a huge success.  Thank you to the fighters, to all who donated, Ginja Ninjas, RIJ, and to the student volunteers; Cindy, Demi, Erika, Hannah, Irene, Rachel, Satomi and Sara.




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