RIJ Students is recruiting!


Join us in our mission to help refugees.

RIJ Students is a student support group based at Waseda University as part of Refugees International Japan.  Established in 2011, our organization welcomes students and recent-graduates from a diverse international community.   Through unique fundraising events, photo exhibitons and high school classroom seminars, our main goal lies in helping the public gain a better understanding on why it matters that we help, and how anybody can contribute.

We hold weekly meetings at Waseda University.  If you want to know more about RIJ Students, do come and take a look!  Feel free to contact us for any questions or whereabouts of upcoming meetings 🙂


RIJ Students は2011年にRIJ、日本国際難民団体の一部として設立され、主に早稲田大学で活動しています。より多くの方に関心を持って頂くことを目標に、写真展募金イベント中高等学校ワークショップ等を開催しています。






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