The Student Files: Sara Ariafar

“I help because I can.” -Sara Ariafar

Sara, our fearless leader of RIJ students has been a running force of our circle starting this year. In an interview with Sara, she talks about her upbringing in Iran and how it compels her to volunteer.

I was born and raised in Mashhad, Iran; a beautiful country, it is home to various historic religious sites, and to a diversity of nationalities, ethnic groups and religions. Behind the beautiful facade however lies a nation torn with corruption, poverty and discrimination.

Immigrant refugees flee their war torn countries to Iran only to find a life surviving on near slave conditions.  Iranians leave the country in search for freedom in political views, religion or sexual orientation, and the only way is to be a refugee in exile.

People are always emphasizing the difference. The difference I believe, is what makes us each beautiful. My parents taught me to treat any human being with respect, regardless of any differences in how one chooses to live a life.

In 2011, I made a personal donation to a school in my hometown. Upon spreading the word, I was pleasantly surprised to find people following suit. We eventually raised enough money to purchase computers, sport equipment, books and other essential material for a better education. A goal of mine is to start my own business, hopefully, in the near future.

I help because I can. I always knew I was one of the privileged. Doing charity work for refugees is a commitment I have made for life.  Seeing the immigrant labor workers on the street as a child shaped who I am. Today, seeing the children happy at my hometown school makes me feel peace inside.

Edited by Erina 


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