RIJ Opens (Work)Shop in Roppongi

On 21st July this year, RIJ had the pleasure of having a children’s workshop in Roppongi Hills. Among the workshops were displays of clowns, entertainers and – notably – a miniature pony for children to ride.

At our workshop, a group of generous volunteers helped children learn how to make their own bracelets, and bags out of recycled newspaper.

The RIJ Workshop, delightfully busy in the middle of Roppongi Hills


The kids hard at work making their own custom bracelets


Making a paper bag is tougher than it looks!



We had a great turn out, and received generous donations throughout the day. There were smiles abound with children (and even a handful of grown-ups) learning some new skills.


The “grown-ups” band together to make the best paper bag in town. Watch out, Louis Vuitton…



Being deployed in the “Bag Division”, I got to meet plenty of new, cheery faces, whilst we worked together to make something of our own. It was an even more satisfying and fulfilling experience than I anticipated. Admittedly though, it took me more than a few tries to make a good paper bag rather than something that looked like wrapping for some fish and chips…

Thanks to our great volunteers, and energetic kids, everyone had a fantastic day.  Ultimately, of course, this workshop was held to help RIJ give hope to refugees and displaced people around the world. Thanks to the generous parents who gave to RIJ that day, we have been able to do just that. The proceeds of this workshop will go directly to projects that help people rebuild lives that have been torn apart by conflict.

Once again, to all those who came that day to help our cause, thank you so much for your support. While something as simple as donating in exchange for making a bracelet may seem small, the effect it can have on a refugee’s life is truly remarkable.




William Mawhinney


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