The Student Files: Iphie Nie

Iphie Nie was one of the first members of RIJ Students.  From clueless newbie to group leader and now a loving sempai, 2 years of her loyal contribution has brought memorable experiences for Iphie.  Here, she talks about one of her favorite events, the “Classroom Project.”


Let’s play a game.

In a group of 10 people, quickly divide up in groups of 3.  There should be 3 groups of 3, and one remainder.  Those in a group are the winners; whoever remains alone, is the loser.

To the remainder alone, how does it feel?

This is a game called “Forced to leave.” I invented it to play with the students at Junten High School for our annual Classroom Project, to demonstrate how it feels to be a refugee, left alone without a home.

Most students talk of how lonely it is to be the last one standing alone, how abandoned they feel after the intense competetion where the people they thought were their best friends pushed them to get ahead.

There was however, one girl who said was happy to be the remainder.  She was happy because it meant her fellow students would not have to be the ones by themselves; the girl had willingly sacrificed herself, and she was glad to.

I believe the RIJ classroom projets are where we get to see the outcomes of our work as RIJ Students.  In an ordinarily shy classroom, students came to thank us, for allowing them to see the world in a different light.  So much for being a teacher; our students had taught us more than anything.

To those who have done anything similar to the “Classroom Project”, what did you think of it?  Did you enjoy being a teacher?  Was it difficult?  Did you feel like you learnt something valuable from your students?  Comment below!

Edited by Erina 


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