A lovely announcement!

Here at RIJ students, we have welcomed 8 new members including myself, to our circle.  Each student has been assigned a position such as event planner, researcher and photographer.  Given the role of blogger, I hope to introduce each member on this blog one by one, uncovering their motives for joining, thoughts on RIJ, interests and much more.

Hello there!  My name is Erina and I will be corresponding from RIJ Students as a blogger.
Hello there! My name is Erina and I will be corresponding from RIJ Students as a blogger.

Most of our members have been associated with volunteering organizations prior to RIJ as have I, but unlike most, my history with volunteering has not been as pleasant.  The departure from my last organization, one assisting in children’s education among developing countries, was rather bitter. Long story short, the never ending round of problems had shattered any motivation to “make a difference,” as I had been so keen on as a hopeful and impatient first year university student; it was cold and harsh but certainly a good shot of reality.

A few years forward and a little more level headed, I am informed of the plight of refugees.  Living in a country as affluent as Japan, it is difficult to imagine a situation where leaving behind a whole life: work, school, friends and family, is the best and perhaps only option.  I myself am still learning the full extent of such issues, and would like to share as much information not only to raise awareness but to raise hope; on the RIJ Students blog the focus will be on the positive outcomes of our work.  The ongoing problems are reality but “not the truth”, as this article by BBC news explains.  It is important to show that we are making progress, even by small steps.

If anybody is interested in learning more about our circle, we are still accepting new members!  🙂


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