Success Beyond the Camp

Life is exceptionally difficult for any refugee or displaced person. The road to a new life is often long, difficult, and painful. There are, however, some incredible stories of success to be found in these situations. One such story is that of Nada Kiblawi, who was born and raised in a Palestinian refugee camp.

Throughout her childhood, Nada suffered from very low self-esteem being born a refugee. However, thanks to her supportive family and strong determination to excel in school, Nada studied exceptionally hard through her formative years, and graduated from university at the top of her class.

Even then, Nada faced difficult challenges. With her status as a refugee, her job opportunities were limited, despite her academic prowess. After marrying a fellow classmate from graduate school, and starting her own family, her prospects improved once more. Unfortunately though, she would soon have to flee her home with her husband due to the threat of conflict.

After much travel and hardship over many years, Nada eventually moved to the United States with her husband. There, with her own determination and entrepreneurship, she successfully started her own company, NHK Consulting.

This journey from refugee to CEO took more than thirty years to complete, which makes Nada’s story all the more incredible and compelling. The article linked above finishes on Nada’s poignant note on the issue of displacement:

“It will be realized some day that nobody should be born a refugee. Nobody should be born deprived of having a homeland.”

William Mawhinney


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