A Fight for Hope

Tomorrow Night, hope for refugees can be found in a hotel in central Tokyo.

On Friday the 24th of May, Refugees International Japan will attend the thrilling Executive Fight Night boxing event at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo. There will be raffles and auctions, with plenty of prizes on offer. All the bids go directly to RIJ’s projects.

A week earlier, I had the distinct pleasure of attending the weigh-in of the boxers. One by one, they all took the stage and showed their muscle. The rigorous training they had been through was certainly showing! These men are now fighters, ready to stare down their opponent and go toe to toe.

Boxing is a popular sport in many places of the world, including refugee camps. Little is needed for a boxing match (two willing fighters are the basic essentials), and is generally easy to arrange for entertainment.

This boxing event will give important funding to RIJ’s projects, which will in turn give important aid to those who desperately need it.

One such project is the distribution of baby kits to new mothers in a refugee camp on the Thai border. The more the crowd bids on the prizes, the more life-saving child care these mothers will have. Giving hope to refugees is what our auction aims to do. 

So then, who will bring the crowd on Friday night? Boxers.

At Executive Fight Night, these men will not only fight for the crowd, or the spectacle. Ultimately, these men are also fighting for hope.

Best of luck, Gentlemen, and keep the gloves up!


William Mawhinney


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