William`s Internship

Having just started my internship at RIJ, I’ve been lucky enough to start work on some very exciting fund raising projects such as Executive Fight Night, and also work on updating our social media sites. Even better, with each day spent here, I am learning increasingly more about the operations of NGOs and the hurdles that they face.photo

One of the great things working at RIJ is how easy it is to get involved in very important – and often crucial – projects, which is rewarding in and of itself. Being an intern here is very much a two way street. For all my work here, I am gaining an incredible amount of experience in humanitarian affairs. With top notch people like Jane Best, Fiona Berwick, Adam Becker, and the rest of the intern squad, every day spent here is enjoyable and satisfying.

Since I’ll be here for the better part of a year, I look forward to seeing some great plans come into fruition, and can’t wait to see what comes up over the horizon. Speaking of horizons, I must say the view from our office is stellar. A very nice perk of the job!

William Mawhinney



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