The Potential of Education

A crucial part of aiding refugees is providing a good education. Immediate forms of aid, such as providing food, shelter, and clean water, are essential to their survival. To go beyond that though, and allow refugees to improve their prospects, is to give them agency. To give them greater control of their lives.

One of the best ways to provide them with agency is through education. Refugees International Japan (RIJ) actively supports programs that facilitate education among refugees or Internally Displace Persons (IDPs). These kinds of programs vary widely in what they teach. Some teach physical, practical skills that can be used to help rebuild a community. Others teach subjects such as mathematics or English.

The importance of education for refugees and IDPs cannot be understated. It is proven to be a key element changing peoples’ lives for the better. Take for example the story of Fatima Bahir.

Having become an Afghani refugee in 1993, she found herself seeking asylum in Pakistan. Lacking any formal rights to status or mobility, she joined a refugee school funded by international organisations. This school gave her the opportunity to study English. Through her studies, she started a new path that eventually took her to Canada. She is now a Canadian citizen with great life prospects.

Check this link for her full story:

Again, the importance of education for victims of conflict cannot be overstated. It gives hope to communities and can greatly improve the lives of people like Fatima Bahir.

William Mawhinney



  1. Hi there, I actually did not live in a refugee camp. Maybe you can change above wording to, “found herself in Pakistan seeking asylum” or something like that.

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