Tragedy Strikes at a Karenni Refugee Camp

A terrible fire has ravaged a Karenni refugee camp along the Thai border, killing dozens, injuring hundreds, and leaving thousands homeless. Around 80% of the camp has been destroyed. This comes as terrible news for Refugees International Japan.

Refugees International Japan (RIJ) has funded an excellent educational project for refugees along the Thai border, the Educational Support for Karenni Further Studies Program (KnFSP). This program allows young refugees to receive an education that teaches them important, practical skills that improve their future prospects.

Tragically, this program is based in Karenni Camp 2, the same camp that suffered this fire.

It has been reported that 37 people were killed, including a student and a teacher from KnFSP. This happened merely hours after the students` graduation ceremony concluded earlier that day.

The entire camp has been dealt a horrendous blow, with a huge amount of rebuilding to be done.

Our hearts go out to all those who are affected by this disaster. We truly hope that KnFSP can rebuild and continue the good work it has done since 2008.

Please help RIJ continue to fund projects like KnFSP. These projects are immensely valuable, and give refugees a brighter future to look forward to. Any donations you give will make that future all the brighter.

William Mawhinney


1 Comment

  1. Truly tragic! The Karennis have nothing but their community, and to watch it go up in flames! The work of RIJ is all the more important to give hope and help them rebuild!

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