2012 Interns: Laura von Schlabrendorff


In September 2012, I finished the MA Global Migration at City University London and came to Japan to intern at Refugees International Japan. During my studies I had the possibility to pursue my interest in sociological and policy issues around migration, refugees and internally displaced persons. Interning at RIJ gives me the practical insights into an internationally operating non-profit organisation working on behalf of refugees and IDP’s. So far, I have been mainly involved in the preparation of RIJ’s December event “The Tree of Hope”, worked on reports about project visits and been contributing to the editing of RIJ’s Annual Review, as well as updating our Social Media presence.

One of the most valuable insights I have gained at RIJ so far regards the functioning of an NPO and the high dependence on funds, which are needed to make such an organisation work and achieve the aim of supporting displaced persons in need. Also it has highlighted how comparatively little money can already help improve and make a difference in many peoples’ lives. 
The daily involvement with the projects RIJ has been or is funding worldwide has as well pointed out the importance of regional and international cooperation in order to tackle problems faced by displaced persons.

I am really looking for ward for the next three months at RIJ and will do my best to contribute to the institution’s truly valuable work.



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