“Light Up A Child’s Life” – Tokyo-area students and the RIJ Tree of Hope

RIJ has recently had the great pleasure to meet with several Tokyo-area schools in preparation for the annual “Tree of Hope” event to be held this holiday season. We hope to have students show off their amazing talents during the event while also learning more about displacement issues in the world today. Student involvement is especially important to this year’s theme to “Light Up A Child’s Life.”

So far, RIJ has begun coordinating activities with St. Mary’s International School’s “Varsity Ensemble,” the British School in Tokyo, the Austrian Ballet Company, Seisen International School, Junten Junior High School, and Yokohama International School. The activities include choir performances, ballet dancing, merchandise sales, and personal reflections from students about displacement issues. We can already tell from the students’ enthusiasm that this year’s event will be truly memorable.









The “Tree of Hope: Light Up A Child’s Life” event will be held this year in the Karajan Plaza of Ark Hills in Akasaka. The opening ceremony will take place on Tuesday, 27 November, and the event will run until the “Twelfth Night” on 6 January. There will be a variety of activities throughout the event, particularly focusing around the weekly Saturday market. At the center of the exhibition, RIJ will display its “Tree of Hope” in the style of a jūnihitoe (十二単衣) kimono, with each layer representing one of the twelve days of Christmas.

RIJ hopes to have more great updates from the schools and students as we prepare for this year’s event.


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