South Sudan in State of Emergency

Sudanese refugees walk along the border road after crossing from North Sudan, carrying what they can, on July 2, 2012 in Jaw, South Sudan. Photo credit: MSNBC

The conflict in Sudan has intensified, prompting the UNHCR to declare a state of emergency last week. The number of refugees has greatly exceeded expectations and the ability of refugee camps to respond has been limited. According to Doctors Without Borders,there are currently four major camps located in the Upper Nile State and the Unity State with nearly 200,000 refugees present (MSF).

The camps lack protection, infrastructure, and basic needs (including food and water supply). A UNHCR Representative in South Sudan stated that “As the refugee population grew, we encountered critical gaps in water supply, particularly in Jamam settlement.” The onset of the rainy season has exacerbated the situation, making road access to water supplies impossible. In response to this emergency, organizations are working to drill new boreholes, ration water, and relocate refugees to other camps.

Funding shortages for the refugee crisis in Sudan has forced the UNHCR to expand their emergency reserve. As the number of people fleeing conflict and famine continues to increase at unexpected rates, it is frightening to imagine how dire the situation could become in the coming weeks without adequate international support.

Refugees International Japan supports refugees in South Sudan by providing them with opportunities to achieve self-sustaining lifestyles. RIJ began funding a second project in South Sudan this month titled, “School Support Project in Ombasi, Yei country, Southern Sudan.” The project will help to provide school facilities, ten teachers, uniforms, and school supplies for the returning 743 displaced children residing in Ombasi. Please donate to such vital projects and help hundreds of individuals regain their strength and dignity.

Article by Alisha
Edited by Kanako


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