7th Grand Auction

The 7th Grand Auction took place on 25 May at the ANA InterContinental Tokyo. It was another evening of magic and fun.
Magician, David John kept guests entertained with his assortment of tricks.
Richard Edmonds and Jamie Smalley of Faces of Disco had flown in courtesy of Virgin Atlantic Airways to entertain everyone with their intriguing disguises.

Thanks to our generous and loyal donors, we had a great selection of items to bid on. One guest commented: “you managed to source some amazing prizes.”

Funds from the evening will go to support the following:

  • Youth and elderly people displaced in Colombia will actively participate in their community and become role models for others.
  • People returning to their homes in Uganda after 20 years will be able to rebuild their lives, earn some money and ensure their children attend school.
  • Infant and maternal mortality in Burma and refugee camps will be improved, creating a future for so many.

The volunteer team were amazing. They worked hard to ensure the evening went smoothly and several guests noted: “Great job done by your team for such a fantastic cause.”


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