Rhythm & Hope 2012

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A celebration of music and dance to highlight the plight of refugees worldwide

The third annual Rhythm & Hope was held at SuperDeluxe on Thursday, March 29, 2012.

MC Miyashita Toshiko kick started the evening with an early bird raffle, before introducing the first act, Monako 90000, a keyboard & acoustic guitar duo from Tohoku, who proved through their harmonies that the music scene is alive and reviving in North East Japan. The energetic salsa performance by Casino Dance Studio then got everyone up and dancing, with DJ Guy entertaining the crowd between acts. Ruby Room Orchestra followed after with their unique blend of rock, jazz and funk, and The Watanabes wrapped up the evening with a fun set featuring whimsical lyrics and catchy tunes from their latest album.

A raffle was drawn towards the end of the night with a number of lucky guests taking out great prizes such as return flights to Honolulu courtesy of Delta Airlines and a weekend at Mt. Haruna courtesy of AbseilingMe.

RIJ would like to extend a big thank you to all the bands for sharing their time and talent to play for us, and to the sponsors and donors for their kind support. All proceeds from the event will be channeled towards projects that help restore human dignity to refugees around the world.


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