In Our Eyes: Students Create Animations of the Refugee Experience

This was a great project - congratulations to Meg, Sam, Charlotte and Yun-jo who produced a great anime story for the class.

Students at the International School of Sacred Heart have been learning about refugee issues as part of a Human Rights elective course. RIJ gladly supplied sample lesson plans and the students displayed their knowledge through a storyboard animation.

Under the instruction of Chris Gray, a teacher at Sacred Heart, students have learned about various refugee issues. Among the topics discussed in the class, students learned about circumstances forcing people/communities into refugee experiences, displacement, living conditions for refugees, resettlement, and returnee stories.

Mr. Gray allowed the students to be creative in demonstrating their new-found awareness of the refugee experience. Students Meg, Sam, Charlotte, and Yun-jo did a phenomenal job conceiving and designing the anime story. Their story wonderfully portrayed various stages in the refugee experience. These students’ work is a model example of how RIJ is hoping to bring a curriculum raising awareness of refugee issues at multiple schools in Tokyo.

Once again, absolutely fantastic project by Meg, Sam, Charlotte, and Yun-jo! We hope to see more creative student projects reflecting the refugee experience in the future.


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