Report from Kwame Sarpong

Kwame is doing a post-graduate course on Conflict Resolution at Gothenburg University in Sweden. His internship at RIJ is for two months.

With the general assumption that internship exposes students to the real working environment, my experience as an intern at Refugees International Japan goes beyond that. Being an intern has given me the opportunity to observe and partake in security and Auction meetings, among others, from which I learnt at first hand how to map out security strategies for gatherings/functions and the skills to raise funds for NGOs.

More importantly, RIJ has also exposed me to the need for volunteerism from which I have established that volunteerism is the backbone of many organizations as well as an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the people especially those who have been displaced and have lost everything as a result of conflict.

Getting involved in RIJ’s activities has also exposed me to the transparent practices required by NGOs which include demanding appropriate reports from funding agencies and reporting back to donors and sponsors. The opportunity of meeting responsible personalities and to create important network for the future cannot be left out.

My time at RIJ has not been a one-way process. I have also been contributing my quota to the success of RIJ through maintaining its social media (Facebook), updating and preparing country fact sheets as well as summarizing reports submitted by its funding agencies.

I am proud to be an intern at RIJ because it has started, and will continue, to inculcate in me the qualities of an agent of development. A detailed SWOT analysis of my internship with RIJ will be available at the end of my internship.


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