Message from Jane Best: From 2011, into 2012

2011 ended on a sad note for Refugees International Japan with the death of Mr Haruyuki Niimi, chairman of the Board of Trustees, following a sudden bout of pneumonia. As Chairman of Trustees, Mr Niimi oversaw the re-organisation and re-structuring of RIJ and was proud of the organisation in its effectiveness and accountability. I will treasure many happy memories of working with Mr Niimi, especially his attendance at the Tree of Hope on 5 December, just three days before he died. Our thoughts are with his wife, Motoko san, and their daughters.

It was a turbulent year in so many ways with the earthquake and tsunami and all that followed. As a result there was an upsurge in volunteerism and growth of the non-profit sector. We hope this spirit of social interaction continues to grow in Japan.

RIJ was thus faced with new challenges in providing support to projects in Japan as well as continuing funding to projects overseas for those displaced by conflict.

On behalf of the Board of RIJ I would like to thank our many friends and supporters who have continued to trust the work of RIJ through this hard year. We gained new friends and supporters as well as continuing long-term partnerships with companies and individuals.

Although the root of our work stems from despair, we are able to build hope – something that serves as an inspiration to us all.

I look forward to continuing partnerships and programmes in 2012 as we provide hope for thousands of people to rebuild their lives.

A very Happy New Year to you all.

Jane Best
President and CEO



新美氏は、RIJの再設立と再構築に力を注いでくださりました。新美氏と共に仕事をした楽しい思い出、特に氏が亡くなる3日前の12月5日に開催されたTree of Hopeでの思い出を、私の宝にしたいと思います。我々の想いは、氏の妻の素子さんと、彼らのご令嬢とともにあります。










RIJ会長 Jane Best


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