Report on Journey to Hope 2011

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By Ayu, an RIJ student volunteer

Journey to Hope this year was held at Yokohama Red Brick (Aka Renga) on November 19th and 20th. After months of preparation, volunteers came to the venue early in the morning to help with the set up. Unfortunately, the weather was bad on the first day, so we had to cancel the event. However, the weather on the following day was perfect, so the event proceeded as planned and Red Brick was filled with people.

There were a variety of visitors from young children to adults.  We “opened” the journey at around 10am in the morning with the same concept as last year. The event was set up as a journey for visitors to take to step into the shoes of a refugee and get a sense of the “hope” of refugees. The storage container at the end of the journey was set up as their “home”. The container was decorated with photos of refugees and relevant facts and figures, and also featured a book which was lit by candles so that visitors can read messages from refugees around the world.

There were also a dog training/consultation section, arts and crafts stalls, and a UNHCR tent where visitors could meet real refugees living in Japan.

Nearing the end of the event, the band and the beat box group performed with the sunset forming a wonderful backdrop.

It was a big success for a one day event.

Thank you to all those who attended and supported Refugees International Japan, especially the volunteers at the event that worked extremely hard to make this happen.

By RIJ 学生ボランティア あゆ








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  1. Thank you for the report.

    I was sad that I couldn’t attend the event, but it is good to at least read about it. I’m glad to hear that it went well, despite the weather on Saturday!

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