Education program on Thai/Burma border affected by floods

In the last few months, Thailand has faced heavy monsoon rains. The on and off flooding in different parts of the country, particularly northern provinces, has affected more than two million people.

RIJ funds an education program run by Karenni Further Study Program (KnFSP) in Karenni Camp 2, which is located on the Thai/Burma border. The program provides young refugees with education on community and social development work and encourages graduates to take on leadership roles in education, health and management services within the camp community (for more information on the program, click here).

Karenni Camp 2 is located beside Mae Surin stream, and the flooding has made life difficult for people there. In the beginning of September, due to non-stop heavy rain, there was a huge landslide beside the stream which has blocked the stream and caused massive erosion. About 28 houses located beside the stream have either washed away or have been taken down by owners. Since last weekend, water level has risen immensely and 2 bridges have been washed away. Consequently, all schools in Camp 2 have closed for an indefinite time. KnFSP staff in Camp 2 are trying their best to find a solution, and hopefully the school will reopen soon.


 RIJはタイ/ビルマ国境に位置するKarenni Camp2で、Karrenni学習向上プログラム(KnFSP)運営の一つの教育プログラムに資金援助を行っています。このプログラムは、避難民の若者に地域社会の発展に関する教育をし、プログラム修了生にはキャンプ内のコミュニティで、教育、健康、運営サービスでリーダーシップの役割を担うように指導をします。

Karenni Camp2はメ―スリン川の近くに位置するため、洪水はキャンプに住む人々の生活を脅かしています。9月初め雨は降り続け、川は流れをせき止められ大規模な浸食を引き起こし、川岸の土砂をえぐりました。川近くの28戸の住宅は押し流されたり、住民によって解体されました。この月の週末には水位は大きく上昇し、二つの橋が流されてしまいました。その結果、キャンプ内のすべての学校は閉鎖され、まだ再開のめどが立っていません。キャンプで働くKnFSP スタッフは状況を打開するために懸命に働き、早くに学校が再開できるよう願っています。


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