Refugee Week Presentation

Teppei and Kaiwen, RIJ Student members interacting with a Junten Student

On June 17th, the RIJ student group held a presentation at Junten Junior High School in Tokyo. The aim of the presentation was to inform the students about refugees and to raise awareness of refugee issues. We began the presentation with some basic information about the current refugee situation, such as the total number of refugees, their ethniciies, the conflicts that removed them from their homes, and the problems they face on a daily basis. Afterwards, we had a snack break where we had the chance to talk with the Junten students. In particular, one student I talked to who was interested in photography, and wanted to know if there’s any way she could contribute to RIJ. Most of the other RIJ interns at the event, such as Kaiwen, Kei, Iphie, and Ayu received similar questions regarding the students’ interest in refugee issues and RIJ. The presentation concluded with a quiz covering the materials presented. The winners were awarded with hand-made crafts that were made by refugees in Thailand. Overall, it was a great opportunity for me to contribute to the RIJ student group, which is working extremely hard in raising awareness of refugee issues and recruiting new members.

Ayu was the project manager for this event. Special thanks to Ayu!


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