TEDxTokyo 2011

On Saturday May 21, I attended Enter the Unknown, the third annual event of TEDx Tokyo 2011. The focus of the event was to explore practical and inventive ways of rebuilding and renewing Japan, and uplifting the spirits of its people.

While Iwas inspired by the ideas and achievements of many of the speakers, I was particularly interested in the talk given by medical-bio expert Professor Yuichi Mori in which he demonstrated a medical membrane-based plant cultivation technology. This new technology, in the form of a film which looks much like cling wrap, allows vegetable and fruit to grow on infertile land. Yuichi hopes his technology can help restore agricultural along Tohoku’s battered coast, where sludge, oil and sea salts the March 11 tsunami deposited there have poisoned the soil.

Depending on price and logistics, a project which distributes this technology to farming communities in Tohoku may be a possibility for RIJ funding.

Jane Best

Watch Dr. Yuichi Mori’s talk here:


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