Student Report on Rhythm & Hope 2011

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By Teppei, an RIJ student volunteer

On April 28th, 2011, Refugees International Japan hosted a charity event called ‘Rhythm and Hope’ at What the Dickens in Ebisu, Tokyo. The night started off with great performances by musicians such the Funky Ritsuco Version band and Japanese wadaiko and African drumming duo Isaku Kageyama and Winchester Nii Tete. Later in the evening, salsa dancers and DJs had all of our visitors up on their feet, dancing and enjoying the music. The night ended with a raffle drawing featuring great prizes.

Interns Kei, Ayu, and I (Teppei) worked hard to help the event go smoothly by keeping track of entrance fees, raffle tickets, and handing out gifts. Although we weren’t able to watch all of the performances, it was a great chance for us to be at the forefront of event management and see how things worked behind charity events.

Overall, with a great line up of musicians with interesting instruments such as the Japanese wadaiko and African drums, along with breathtaking dance performances by professional salsa dancers and funky DJs, ‘Rhythm and Hope’ was a great success in not only celebrating the joy of dance and music but in raising funds for refugee projects and Tohoku community projects.

To all of those who attended our event, thank you, and we hope to see you again at our next event!

P.S. I will be posting videos of the event soon on our Youtube Channel!

Japanese translation by Kei

4月28日にRIJが東京・恵比寿のWhat the Dickensで「リズム&ホープ」のイベントが行われました。イベントはラテンバンドのファンキーリツコや和太鼓の演奏、そしてアフリカドラムの二人組 イサク・カゲヤマとウィンチェスター・ニーテによる素晴らしい演奏によって始まりました。中盤からはサルサダンサーやDJが観客を巻き込み、会場全体が踊りながら音楽を楽しみました。イベントはラッフルのくじ引きで幕を閉じられ、当選者には豪華賞品が授与されました。




P.S. Youtubeチャンネルにイベントのビデオをアップします!ぜひご覧ください!


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